Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pecan, peanut and sultana fridge cake

Spring is finally making an appearance! Not quite small jacket weather but it is lovely to see some sunshine and all the trees in bud. And with it... the easter holidays! I will enjoy the time off much more when i have done some of my school reports, but still, I am very pleased to have a break from the busy term. 

This is one of my favourite lazy recipes. It is rich and delicious and can be changed every time you make it. It is chocolate fridge cake. This time I went for pecans, peanuts and raisins giving it a combination of crunch and chewiness. I have used Gordon Ramsey's recipe as a base and it works well every time. 

Makes 16 squares. 

 Ingredients: -
100g butter
300g milk chocolate (I used a milk chocolate bar and a fruit and nut bar)
4 tbsp golden syrup
200g digestive biscuits
75g salted peanuts
75g roughly chopped pecans
75g sultanas

1. Lightly grease a square tin (I used a brownie tin) and line with greaseproof paper. Allow extra paper to cover the mixture in the fridge (and help lift it out the tin!).
2. Melt the butter, golden syrup and broken up chocolate on a low heat. Stir gently to remove once it has all melted. 
3. Break the digestives into small pieces and add in the nuts and sultanas. Mix together then pour in the melted chocolate and mix until it is all combined. 
4. Pour the mixture into the tin and press down with a wooden spoon. Cover with the overhang of paper and put in the fridge until set. 
5. Pull on the paper to help remove the fridge cake form the tin and cut into 16 pieces. 

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