Saturday, 25 April 2015

St John's bakery donuts

After trying Crosstown donuts, I thought it would only be fair to try another donut to give a comparison. While at Maltby Street Market, there was a St john's bakery store selling just that. there were too choices; butterscotch or classic vanilla. We opted for the latter an it was a good choice. The dough was slightly sweet, so you knew it was pudding, and had a thin crisp to the outer layer form frying. This was the perfect donut texture and, I think better than Crosstown's with no crispy edge and less sweet dough. The vanilla centre was plentiful and has a decent vanilla flavour proven with the visible vanilla pod seeds. Great inside and out, a winner far.
Sty John's has a respectable name in London and is more known for it's bread. A strong contender with puddings as well it seems.

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