Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Cheese Truck

We had another trip to Maltby Street market yesterday in london and ,somehow, it seems to expanding! There were more stalls and people than we had seen before and some new food to try. The newest stall was from 'The Cheese Truck'. Not actually a truck yesterday but they do travel around in one. They offered three assortments of cheese in sandwiches - cheddar, stilton and goats cheese. The cheddar looked deliciously gooey and stringy. I opted for goats cheese with honey and walnuts. It was cooked on a late with a weight on top and turned into the creamiest cheese with a hint of sweet form the honey ad a subtle crunch from the walnuts. Just the right amount of ingredients. It was a real treat. Next time I would go for cheddar and onion - I had cheese envy as I watch others string the melted cheddar away as they took a bite...

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