Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Timberyard with acres of treats

After poking our noses in a couple of other coffee shops, a delightful walk around Covent Garden and Seven Dials led us to Timberyard. From the offset, this coffee shop had worked it's charm. It's fresh and modern interior with large hanging lightbulbs, Ipads for free use around the window seating, a good sountrack and contrasting wooden with industrial metal feature tables (Accentuating the industrial style logo). The second viewing led your eyes astray to the large selection of undecidable puddings; donuts, cakes, brownies, giant cookies... I would come back for just an afternoon treat! I chose a quite tasty hummous, roast pepper chutney and spinach sandwich with a mactha tea (this didn't quite match but I'm here to experiment), while T chose a more meaty ham and cheese (While simple, it has been mentioned for it's greatness since). This was rounded off with a coffee, toffee and nut donut and a rocky road brownie (which we clearly had to share as both looked and tasted amazing). All was served on cosy wooden trays (they had to get more wood in to prove the name) with complimentary water bottles. A great place to work or relax or just indulge and a definite winner in the coffee shop food rankings (out of 10)...
Atmosphere: 9      Interior: 10     Lunch:  8    Pudding: 10    Drinks other than coffee: 9
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