Thursday, 28 August 2014

Grinding our way south ...twice in one day

About a year ago (still catching you up), we found ourselves venturing south of the river (in London) to a coffee shop that still puts a smile on my sandwich filled mouth. It's name was Grind, located in Putney. It was filled with such friendly faces and delicious smells... the menu was very inviting too! Spinach, goats cheese and sunblush tomatoes on oaty bread is what filled me that day. T was very satisfied with his chicken, almond and aioli in a rosemary focaccia. There was a great selection of teas and smoothies and a big crown of trendy brunchers.We liked it so much that we went back later that afternoon for threeses (the new elevenses). Who new you could have you banana loaf warmed with butter oozing on top. Yum.
Atmosphere: 9  Interior: 8  Lunch: 7.5 (delicious but a short menu)  pudding: 7 (again, delicious but a short menu)  Drinks other than coffee: 10
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