Sunday, 5 October 2014

Warm wholesome munch for a thought

Well yesterday wasn't quite full of the joys of Autumn, it p**d it down! We had planned a day in London though and that is what we did. I finally got some proper cycling shoes for my bike so I will no longer haver to wear my trainers and freeze through the Winter. Last year I was wearing 3 pairs of socks and plastic bags in my trainers just to keep the rain out but my tootsies were still not toasties.

In the spirit of a wet and chilly day (not freezing but I haven't adapted from Summertime yet), it meant a wholesome warm lunch. We were in Covent garden and thought of going to Timberyard again but given the queue, thought not. I remembered this quaint little vegetarian cafe that I had been to years ago and wondered if it was still as good. The first time, I came across it with a friend at the right place at the right time and this time it served such a purpose again. 'Food for Thought' is a very small cafe serving only vegetarian food. They offer a few different options, such as lentil stew (in the picture), celeriac soup, sweet potato stew or quiche all served with the option of pasta or salad. Not too badly priced as well. It was just what we needed to be warmed up. While it looked quite small, it was surprisingly filling. Who new what these little lentils were capable of. It consisted of aubergine, mushroom, black and green olives and lentils in, what I assume was veg stock. We did have to share a table as they were limited. One table was even placed in an area with a low ceiling so people were crouched on the floor! All in the name of good food fun. I would definitely recommend this place. A hidden gem.

As it isn't a coffee shop, I can't give it my usual ranking but I will do this out of ten:
Food taste:  9   Food options:  7   Drink options:  2 (we had complimentary water but there was a smoothie or tea)  Ambience:  8 (a crowd pleaser) Interior: 7 (it didn't try hard but I liked the rusticness and the black and white photography for sale).

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