Sunday, 12 October 2014

Wind free Gail's in the sun

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day in London. London trips always mean a new food adventure. I really love London, I have been there so many times from early childhood and even lived there, yet I still find new undiscovered places. Yesterday we walked around the Marylebone area. I have come to know and love Marylebone HIgh Street but this time we went a bit further west. We walked down a delightful street called Chiltern Street. Full of boutiques and so clean and fresh. We where heading towards Connaught Street but along the way pasted this cafe and good not resist temptation. It was called 'Gail's Bakery'. I had seen it's sister branch in Soho before and had been tempted but this one is much bigger and has a great selected of pastries. It was hard to choose but I went for the crustless quiche (served with salad) and a custard and blueberry brioche. This is one of the best desserts I have had in a while. T went for the turkey and red cabbage coleslaw sandwich and a cinnamon bun which had just the right amount of cinnamon and looked more like a muffin but with bun consistency.

There was a good amount of seating inside and a couple of tables outside. Perfect for enjoying the last of the years sun. They had some quirky halloween options available including some very real looking monster fingers with stained almond nails! There were some healthy option salads in little tubs and whole loaves of bread to take home.

Atmosphere: 7  Interior: 8 (Very simple with some artwork for sale)   Lunch:  10 (Great options, including cooked breakfasts)   Pudding:  10 (A lot of option)   Drinks other than coffee: 7

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