Sunday, 7 September 2014

A whole street full of feasts!

After what felt like a long week at work I was very excited about yesterday. Street feast! I had heard about this market through the magic of the internet and it sounded amazing. Lots of food, sweet and savoury, and a new area to discover. It was based in Dalston, London, and will be on each weekend for the next month. Please go, it is fab! You are stamped into a run-down but ultra chic area with barrels for fire, music and a great selection of fooderies. We had to walk around a couple of times to make sure we made the right choice before indulging. First up we tried 'Killer Tomato' tacos. Who has ever heard of frying avocado?! What a brilliant idea! Soft in the middle and crispy around the edges, the avocado was placed on top of a flat round taco with cumin-lime mayo, red onion, garlic oil and chilli flakes (just enough to give a kick). The other vegetarian options sounded just as appetizing: chilli-dusted beetroot, sour cream, pomegranate, hot sauce and confit garlic; and aubergine in achiote, pickled pineapple, crushed peanuts and coriander. What great flavour combinations, I wanted to try them all but had to give the other places a fair try.

It opens at 5pm and is free to get in until 7pm when it costs £3. Very worth it. I will definitely go back and try EVERYTHING. We were there a little early but apparently things get lively at 8.30ish. With plenty of bars and a food paradise, I can see why people would settle in for the night. 

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