Saturday, 13 September 2014

The outsider

Outside Kings Cross Station, we found a (disappointingly) little food market. I had looked it up on the internet after I was given a recipe book full of lovely sweet treats for 'Outsider tart'. After Googling if they had a shop, I thought, why just go to the shop when I could go to a market of new and exciting foods. This is why it was a little disappointing; there were only a handful of stalls and we nearly walked passed it. However, we (with T) did find the delightful bakery stall full of goodies. The stall was rustic with wooden crates to put the treats on and colourful, stripy, Joseph-would-be-happy-for-his-dream-coat sheets. They offered creative combinations with quirky names, such as 'mile high', 'Hepburn', 'cheeri-oreos' and 'billionaire'. Admittedly, it took a while to decide. T went in favour of the 'snickers' bar - a vanilla crumbly tart with lots of nuts and plenty of gooey caramel. I went for the more traditional brownie in my ongoing to guest to find the best one. T's was delicious! A winning combo. For a snickers, I did wonder where the chocolate was but the caramel more than made up for it's disappearance. The 'Hepburn' brownie was rich, half cake-like and half dense chocolatey-ness. Pretty good but it did get a bit rich half way in. They do have a full shop and online shop with a 'barkery'. Not a typo but dog treats. As long as you don't get them confused... Overall, I would definitely go back for more but only eat half of one tart at a time.

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