Monday, 15 September 2014

Milky bar kid takes on vegemite

Yesterday we went into london to watch the Tour of Britain (well done Wiggins!).  A london trip always means a lunch stop so i consulted my best coffee shops guide and we ended up at 'Milkbar'. The trouble with looking at a coffee guide and not buying coffee but wanting food is that the food isn't always the best part. It was perfectly nice but there were only three options. I had vegemite (not sure why it isn't marmite when in England, this is surely an Ozzie thing?) and cheese, T had ham and cheese. So it was nice bread, nice taste, nice tea to accompany and nice decor (arty prints, milk bottle stencils, shabby / arty paint dripped seats), chilled music. All in all, it was nice. Maybe milk is the new 'vanilla'. The menu was also a bit misleading as it had a range of bagels. However, come the weekend, this option is only good enough for the weekday workers, us weekenders only had the likes of a sandwich. Hmph.

Atmosphere: 8  Interior: 6 Lunch: 4 Pudding: 2 (two sad looking options) Drinks other than coffee: 5 

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