Sunday, 21 September 2014


What a beautiful Autumn day! The sun is shining, it's still a little warm... just lovely. The kind of day where you just want to be outside absorbing it all. I love this time of the year when the leaves change colour and the air becomes fresh and crisp. I found some conkers and their shells yesterday on a countryside walk. I thought they would be lovely for my class to do some printing with tomorrow with a trip to the nature area to get some more. A lovely birthday weekend with my party yesterday and I'm looking forward to a meal out with T tomorrow. 

Being a lot of chocolate about this weekend, I thought I would share this little gem. You could not possibly walk past this shop and not go in. The smell alone lures you let alone the mountain peaks of cocoa that look like they are growing out of the finely hand crafted timber tree and bowl shaped decor. There was chocolate of every flavor, including apricot brandy, irish kiss, sea salt caramel, coconut milk and cardamon orange. They had the interesting idea of including a mini pippette with little chocolate pieces to add and extra flavour zing. Oh the novelty. We could all be pretend scientists for a bite. It was called 'Dark sugars chocolates' located in London's Brick Lane. 

Being a spice fanatic, cardamon orange had to be one to try. After spluttering out a cocoa cloud, the soft chocolate ball was quite delicious. We also tried a salty caramel chocolate ball. This is always a good combination and it was a tasty nibble.  Naturally we had the free sample too and wow; that was some strong chocolate. If there was a chocoliser test then I may have been over the limit. For the chocoholic in you, definitely worth a try. 

I'm awaiting my untraditional birthday cake in the oven so I will reveal all next time...

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