Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Rola wala wala wala bing bang

I know I have raved about Street feast already but ...we had a third course. We couldn't resist the delicate yet full tacos at Rola Wala.  Intrigued by the bar grill signage and sizzling large pans in display we had to try the mini delights of indian street food heaven. I tried the beetroot channa daal with beetroot, paneer dal, coconut, mint, lime, and pineapple chutney. While it was very spicy, the textures and flavours were a brilliant combination and brought you right to India. The other options were the trendy Goan pulled pork and, T's preference, BBQ chicken tikka. I love these kind of markets. They can be as entertaining to watch as well as deliberate over food. I always feel inspired by the people fulling their food dreams in the bustling atmosphere. One day... After this third course, we were well and truly full. Though, there is always room for dessert...

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